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Where does the training take place? 

The training occurs across the street from Praia do Matadouro beach and at the outdoor area of Boardriders Quicksilver Ericeira: more precisely, at the back of the Boardriders skatepark (the green floor). You can also find us on Google Maps for further instructions.

What is cross-training? 

Our training combines different sports such as: running, gymnastics, flexibility, and weight lifting. This varied type of training works with your body at different levels: resistance, strength, agility, physical condition (respiratory) and mobility. With 'cross-training' we work to improve physical condition, improve strength and generally improve physical health and mental persistence.


Who is the training designed for? 

For All! Workouts are tailored to your level. The exercises are adaptable, so you can level up according to your preferences. We work with personalized progressions, and you can work to strengthen your muscles and evolve into specific exercises.

How do I sign up? 

This is really easy. You can book here on this webpage. Click on one of the booking links on this page, or get redirected to this booking system by using one of the reservation links on Facebook or Instagram.  

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