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Our Story

Outdoor Crosstraining Ericeira was established in 2020 during the epidemic as a general need for healthy outdoor training. This has been important for the Ericeira community because it has given them safe and healthy outdoor training. Since then, OCE has become successful in a sustainable environment at Boardriders Ericeira, ensuring continuous growth throughout the year, including winter. 


Our primary objective is to foster a sense of community and character through cross-training. No matter your level of fitness, you can join Outdoor Crosstraining Ericeira. We provide you with a solid understanding of cross-training, challenge you, and shape a stronger, better you.

Girls doing battle wave ropes - Boardriders Ericeira

Meet the Team

The Outdoor Crosstraning Ericeira team is ready to lead you through an exciting training journey! You can find some info about us below.


“As a coach, I enjoyed teaching lessons at Boardriders very much. I think it’s a great and magical place full of positive energy. The clients have a hard-working mentality and are always eager to learn more. I think Doris and Arthur did an amazing job creating this place, and you can feel the love and attention they put in there. Hope to be back soon!”

Semm de Laat, online fitness coach 

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